Indore Court: Campaign will be started to catch fake lawyers, cases will be registered. Campaign will be started to catch fake lawyers in Indore, cases will be registered

Indore Court

Indore Court : A fake lawyer was caught in the District Court of Indore on Thursday. After which a campaign is being started in the district court to catch fake lawyers. Under this campaign, cases will be registered against fake lawyers by arresting them. This campaign is being started by the advocates themselves. The special thing is that in catching fake lawyers, the Indore Advocates Association will also help in taking action against them.

The lawyer said –

Giving information about this by advocates Rakesh Pal, Dharmendra Gurjar, Ujjwal Fadse, it has been told that many people in the District Court are coming to the court as fake lawyers and appearing in the court rooms. Not only this, these people roam in the court wearing the clothes of lawyers. The big thing is that many are even tying bands. In such a situation it becomes difficult to identify them. This is the reason why no one is able to doubt them nor raise questions on their work.

Fake lawyer caught on Thursday

But now the advocates themselves are starting a campaign to identify fake lawyers. Under which strict action will be taken against fake lawyers. Along with this, cases will also be registered. Significantly, a fake lawyer was caught in the District Court on Thursday itself and handed over to the police. The name of the fake lawyer is being told as Shivam Singh Raghuvanshi. He was roaming in the court in costume and getting the agreement between the parties.

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