Indore: Blind T20 Cricket World Cup match in Indore today, will compete with Australia. Blind T20 Cricket World Cup match in Indore today, Australia will compete


Indore : Today the Blind T20 Cricket World Cup match has started at Khalsa College Ground, Indore from 10:00 am. In this match, India is competing with the team of Australia. Immediately after this match, the Indian team will leave for Kochi. At the same time, Australia’s team will leave for Mumbai to play the match.

Let us tell you, there is only one player from Madhya Pradesh in the Indian team whose name is Sonu Golkar. Sonu basically belongs to Khandwa. He has been mostly in Indore and Bhopal. He brings happiness on the faces of people with his game. Although he cannot see this moment himself, people come from far and wide to see him. Today he has come to Indore for the T20 World Cup match in Indore.

Indore Indore

India and Australia are going to have a tough fight in the T20 (Blind) World Cup. Both the teams have come to Indore. Although both the teams have not been able to get time to practice but still the morale of both the teams is high. The Indian team is winning the last two matches. Today’s match has started in the hospitality of Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia. Other people will also join them. This is the third T20 Cricket World Cup. Earlier both the matches were won by India and both the matches took place in India only.

Players will be included in these three categories –

B-1 – There are four players. They are completely blind.
B-2 – There are at least three players. It can see up to a maximum of three meters.
B-3 – There are four players. They can see up to a maximum of six meters.

Apart from this, the rules of this match are also different. In this there is a match between 45 to 55 yards. Whereas the wicket is like a normal cricket match. The plastic ball contains shrapnel. Whereas fours and sixes are spoken of.

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