Indore: Be careful! Robber bride’s gang active, absconded with money after two days of marriage. Indore: Be careful! Robber bride’s gang is active, read full news

Indore : Wedding season is going on. In such a situation, the gang of robber brides has also become active. Actually, this gang works to loot money after marrying the boys by taking them under their guise. A case related to this has come to the fore, it is being told that a gang has been caught by the Bhanwarkuan police on Monday itself. In fact, a girl ran away from Khajrana temple after two days of marriage with seventy thousand rupees.

In this case, the police arrested three other people along with the accused and his mother. Regarding this matter, while registering a complaint by the complainant, it was written that I work at a gas agency in Bangalore. I got a call from Mahendra Yadav that you want to get married. There is a good wood in my kinship. So I came to Indore from Bangalore on 2nd December. When I met Mahendra in Indore, he and one of his companions showed me photographs of two-three girls. In such a situation, I liked a girl.

The girl’s name was told as Shivani. In such a situation, on December 2, at 8.30 pm, he got me married to Shivani by wearing a necklace. After that the girl’s brother told that we were in debt, so I immediately gave him seventy thousand rupees in cash. After that the next day I gave one lakh rupees in cash to Pramila and Raju. The marriage was done on a stamp written on it. Next day after marriage when we went to Khajrana Ganesh temple, Shivani disappeared from the temple itself, I tried to find her a lot but could not find her. After that, when I inquired about it, it came to light that Pramila gets false marriages done. The one to whom I got married is not Pramila’s daughter but Raju’s wife. Her name has been told as Manju Lodhi.

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