Indore 56 Dukan: Chhappan Dukan’s radio station will start soon, this way you will be able to listen to desired songs. Indore 56 Dukan radio station will start soon, this way you will be able to listen to desired songs

Indore 56 Dukan

Indore 56 Store : Indore city of Madhya Pradesh is continuously being given a new look. The 56 shop was given a facelift only a few years back. After which his discussions started happening all over the country. On the other hand, whoever comes to visit Indore does not go back without visiting 56 shops. Because it has become the center of attraction of Indore. New efforts are being made continuously to make it better. Now it is being told that 56 shops of Indore are about to open their own new radio station.

This FM radio station will be started within 15 days. This FM radio station is being built under the police post built on 56 shops. Where people can listen to their favorite Farmayishi songs. Also, be it birthday or marriage and anniversary celebrations, people can get their favorite songs played on this radio station and enjoy the party by listening. To start this, two years ago, the Smart City Company had held talks with True Pie R Company of Ahmedabad.

But after that the Corona epidemic came due to which it could not be successful but now this year it is being started successfully. This station will be started within just 15 days. Its contract has been given to Two Pi R Company only. As of now, this type of radio station is installed only in Delhi-Chennai airport and some goods of Delhi-Mumbai. But now it is being started in Indore as well. People will be able to listen to their favorite songs by calling, through mobile app or online. The special thing is that the traffic information will also be given here by ARJ.

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