Indefinite sit-in protest by the kitchen union demanding pay hike and regularization. dindori news indefinite sit in protest by the kitchen union demanding pay hike and regularization. dindori news

Dindori Protest News: The indefinite sit-in and demonstration of the Rasoiya Sangh continues at the Collectorate square of Dindori district headquarters. Through the protest demonstration, the cook unions are demanding salary hike and regular employee status. Geetabai Sarathi, president of Rasoiya Sangh, said that for the past several years, the government is giving them ₹ 2000 as honorarium, that too they do not receive regularly, due to which their family is going through a period of hardship. The cooks union has demanded that the government should increase their salary to ₹ 15000 per month and also give them the status of government employees like other employees.

Will keep your demands in the assembly: MLA

Dindori’s MLA Omkar Markam also reached the cooks’ protest, who while addressing the cooks said that the government is not going to listen to the poor, it is working towards benefiting the rich, your demands are justified and we are with you on your demands. We will keep it in the Vidhansabha as well, it will be our endeavor that your demands are fulfilled. The President of the Rasoiya Sangh said that if the government does not consider their demands, then they will be forced to go on a road blockade and hunger strike.
Prakash Mishra’s report from Dindori

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