In the MNREGA scheme, work is being done by JCB in place of laborers, watch the video. shivpuri news work is being done by jcb in place of laborer in mnrega scheme. shivpuri news

Shivpuri Corruption News : The MNREGA scheme being run for rural laborers is now limited to papers only, laborers who are troubled for employment are not being given work, instead sarpanch, secretaries and employment assistants are getting the work done with machines. Similar is the case of Setai Pura in village panchayat Kalipahari Damraun of Khaniyadhana district of Shivpuri district. Where the villagers themselves have made the video viral and demanded action.

this is the whole matter

Please tell that JCB machine is being used indiscriminately in the work of MNREGA schemes going on from Setai Pura School to Shamsan Ghat in Gram Panchayat Kalipahari Damraun of Khaniyadhana district. Excavation work is going on here, which is being done without laborers. This is happening because of departmental personnel and people’s representatives, due to which local rural laborers are not getting employment in MNREGA and they are being forced to migrate. . Making further allegations, it has been said that not only the poor laborers are getting the benefits of the Employment Guarantee MNREGA scheme, but the sarpanch, secretary and engineer posted in the Gram Panchayat are definitely getting it. Due to which the laborers of the village are facing problems and the laborers are being forced to migrate from the village.

laborers forced to migrate

The villagers told that the people of the muster panchayat of the laborers fill the papers and withdraw the money in their name. The sarpanch, the secretary is running the machine in the greed of his own commission. The villagers say that there is open corruption in the gram panchayat, due to which the laborers are not getting benefits. Due to this, laborers remain unemployed, as well as anarchy is also increasing in government offices and they are forced to migrate.
Shivam Pandey’s report from Shivpuri

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