In Ratlam’s government school, the teacher got the children to clean the toilet, the education department ordered an inquiry

Ratlam News: A shocking case of treatment of children in a government school in Ratlam has come to light. In the temple of education, by making children clean the toilets, the work of pushing their future into darkness is being done. After the video of the incident surfaced, the education department has sought answers from the school management.

This whole matter pertains to a government school in Ratlam’s Palsodi village. Peon is not present here and the work of cleaning is being done by the children of the school. Surprisingly, people say that this is not the first time, all this is going on with children for a long time. After the video of the incident surfaced, an objection has been lodged by the relatives of the children and the local people.

School children say that the teacher had asked them to clean the toilet and every few days two-three children are made to clean the toilet, which is used by the school teacher. In the video of the incident that has come to the fore, two children leaving their studies are cleaning the toilets with brooms and buckets of water in their hands. A person from the village has made this video. This person asked the teacher that the children are cleaning the toilets, then the teacher refused giving a strange reaction. This person has also told the teacher that I have a video in which the children are cleaning and they say that the teacher has asked them to clean and they also use this bathroom.

After the incident came to light, the District Education Officer has ordered an inquiry into the matter and has asked to take strict action against the culprits. He says that the way children are being treated is not right at all. The teacher says that he was teaching the children, apart from this there are many such works which can be taught to the children, strict action will be taken.

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