Important news for the employees, the Ministry has issued an order, it is mandatory to follow. Important information for the employees, instructions not to leave the headquarters, the Ministry issued the order, it is mandatory to follow

Employees News: There is important news for state employees. Orders have been issued by the Ministry. Under which new guidelines have been given to the employees. The compliance of which will be mandatory for the employees. Action can be taken if the order is not followed.

The Under Secretary of the Higher Education Department, Virendra Singh Bhalavi, while instructing the principals of all government colleges, registrars and all regional additional directors of the Higher Education Department, said that they should not leave the headquarters from December 19 to 23.

leave the headquarters

The order issued by the ministry states that the upcoming assembly constituencies are to be held from December 19 to 23. In such a situation, in case of answer to the question related to the department of Vidhansabha, with all the information and the presence of the employees at the headquarters will be mandatory. In such a situation, the employees are directed not to leave the headquarters at any cost without the permission of the Higher Education Department.

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