Important decision of High Court, big relief given to retired employee, orders for payment of pension and arrears. High Court’s Big decision, Big Relief to employees, will get benefit of pension and arrears payment with interest in 2023

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Madhya Pradesh High Court: The Madhya Pradesh High Court has once again given a verdict in favor of the employee. Jabalpur High Court Justice Nandita Dubey has ordered a former bank manager to pay pension and arrears. He said that the date on which the original penalty was awarded, the revised penalty would also be considered from the same date. Advocate Nityanand Mishra appeared on behalf of compulsorily retired Senior Manager Anind Kumar Sen from Union Bank of Jabalpur.

A single bench of Justice Nandita Dubey in a case directed payment of pension to compulsorily retired Senior Manager of Union Bank from the date of original sentence and said that arrears of pension should also be paid to the petitioner along with interest. This bank manager was sacked due to irregularities in a loan case. He was later compulsorily retired out of mercy.

Counsel for the petitioner submitted that when he was the branch manager, a departmental inquiry was instituted alleging irregularities in a loan case and he was dismissed in December 2009. After this, after the appeal was rejected, he submitted a mercy appeal to the senior officers, after which the sentence of dismissal was modified to compulsory retirement in December 2018.

Did not get benefits even after VRS

The counsel told the court that as soon as the petitioner applied for pension after getting VRS, it was rejected. After this, in 2020, the state government brought a new option for pension for compulsory retired employees between 1995 and 2010, then the employee applied under it and was rejected saying that retirement took place after the period of the scheme.

Will get pension with interest

Advocate Mishra argued that originally the punishment of dismissal was given in December 2009, it was amended to compulsory retirement in 2018, in such a situation compulsory retirement would be considered from 2009. Agreeing on this, the High Court gave relief to the petitioner and ruled in his favor and ordered payment of pension and arrears.

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