IMD Alert: Heavy rain warning in 10 states from December 25, cold wave in 5 states including Rajasthan-Punjab, low visibility-snowfall, impact of depression, know forecast. IMD Alert: Orange alert of heavy rains in 10 states for 72 hours, cold wave warning in 6 states, weather changed from depression in Bay of Bengal, know forecast on Delhi UP Bihar Rajasthan

IMD Alert, Today Weather update : The weather is changing every moment across the country. For the next 5 days, an alert has been issued for dense fog in entire North India including Delhi. Apart from this, cold wave warning has been issued in 7 states. Heavy rains will continue to wreak havoc in the southern states. However, the possibility of drizzle has also been expressed in some states of North India. by meteorological department Uttar Pradesh Bihar Rain can be seen in some districts of the state. While North West India Punjab Haryana Delhi and Uttar Pradesh except Bihar and Jharkhand Due to the fall in the minimum temperature, a warning has been issued regarding cold wave and fog.

Orange alert of cold wave in Gujarat

in central India Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh There is a continuous change in the weather. In some districts of Madhya Pradesh, due to heavy cold, light drizzle will be seen while there will be dense fog in different areas. here Gujarat Rajasthan There is a drastic drop in temperature. A forecast of severe cold has been issued at night. At the same time, there is a possibility of a further drop in the maximum temperature. Nadia in Kutch recorded a minimum temperature of 7.8 degree Celsius. It has been settled at 3% below normal while Deesa, Rajkot, Surendranagar, Mahua, Ahmedabad and Amroli have also recorded a significant drop in minimum temperatures. Orange alert of cold wave has been issued in many areas of Rajasthan.

fog in these areas

  • Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Sub-Himalayan West Bengal Scattered rain/snow is expected.
  • Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu Rain is possible at one or two places.
  • Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi and Chandigarh Moderate to dense fog may occur.
  • Dry weather is very likely over the rest of the country.

Cold day situation created in Rajasthan too

Talking about the weather system, due to dense fog, cold day conditions have been created in West Rajasthan as well. Fog intensity over Rajasthan ruled out any reduction for the time being. However, the wind speed will increase in the second week of January. Due to which the intensity of fog may decrease.

weather system active

These days new systems are becoming active continuously in the Bay of Bengal. A low pressure area had formed in the first week of December. causing severe cyclonic storm mandus The situation was created. Due to which heavy rains and thunder were seen in many states of South India. Once again another system has happened. The possibility of the low pressure turning into a deep depression has intensified. Due to which a warning of heavy rain has been issued in the southern states till 29 December. Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka and Madhya Maharashtra including Tamil Nadu Heavy rain has been predicted.

Area of ​​low pressure concentrated as a depression

  • By December 25, the low pressure area will concentrate as a depression over the south Bay of Bengal. It is moving northwestwards at a speed of 20 kmph and lies about 400 km east-northeast of Trikonamali in Sri Lanka, 550 km east-southeast of Nagapattinam in Tamil Nadu.
  • It is likely to move northwest in the next 24 hours. Due to which warning of heavy rain has been issued in 8 states.
  • Winds will blow with thunder. People have been advised to be cautious. A yellow alert has been issued in the southern state for intense rainfall.
  • On 25 and 26 December, IMD has issued heavy rain warnings in 8 districts. Orange alert has been issued for this. Tamil Nadu Puducherry and Karaikal Heavy rain will be seen in the area.

cold day alert in delhi

The capital Delhi has seen a drastic drop in the minimum temperature. The minimum temperature recorded at 8:00 am is 6 degree Celsius. The maximum temperature also dropped to 20 degree Celsius. A cold wave warning has been issued in the city in the coming days. Talking about visibility Palam Visibility in 200 meters while Safdarganj Recorded in 500 m. Cold winds are blowing from the northwest over entire northwest India including Delhi-NCR. The moisture has increased at the lower tropospheric level. Due to which dense fog will remain.

Rain alert in UP Bihar

Uttar Pradesh and Bihar The weather is changing rapidly. Light rain has been forecast for Saturday and Sunday. Lucknow Due to light rain late on Friday, the cold has increased. Due to the sudden rain, the process of falling dew has also started. According to the Meteorological Department, changes were seen in the weather of Uttar Pradesh due to the icy wind coming from the mountains. Uttar Pradesh Chilliness has increased in me, faced a lot of trouble. Due to dense fog, visibility has also reduced considerably. Weather in Lucknow is changing rapidly from winter to winter.

There itself A state in Eastern India Talking about cold day alert has also been issued in Bihar. The period of extreme cold will begin. Cold wave warning has been issued in the new year. According to the Meteorological Department, an alert has been issued for cold wave in the coming 5 days. Issuing a yellow alert, people were advised to be vigilant. Actually, due to the icy wind, there has been a change in the weather.

Visibility will decrease in Haryana Punjab Rajasthan, orange alert of cold wave

Punjab and Haryana Visibility is estimated to be very low due to dense fog. Gurdaspur The weather was the coldest ever recorded. The minimum temperature reached 4 degree Celsius. There itself Amritsar The minimum temperature in Ludhiana has also seen a sharp drop in temperature at 6 degree Celsius. Patiala Bathinda and Mohali There is also a decrease in the minimum temperature in, Orange alert of Sheetlahar has been issued.

There will be snowfall in the mountains

Kashmir The minimum temperatures are improving in most parts of the Valley. Although the Meteorological Department has expressed the possibility of snowfall again after 2 days. Other than this Uttarakhand Himachal Pradesh I also have a sheet of ice. Transport facility has been disrupted. Cold wave and fog haze alert has been issued. People have been instructed to take precautions. Himachal Uttarakhand and Northern Rajasthan I will see the effect of cold wave.

Temperature will drop in eastern states, intensity of fog will increase

meteorological department Assam Meghalaya Manipur Nagaland Has issued a warning of heavy drop in temperature in other eastern states including. Along with this, an increase in the intensity of fog will also be seen. Yellow alert has been issued regarding the haze. Along with this, people have been instructed to take precautions while staying. A 5 percent drop in temperature has been recorded in the last 3 days.

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