If you are fond of makeup, then learn how to make BB Cream at home from the leftover makeup items, learn how to apply on the face. MAKEUP TIPS : Make BB cream with makeup items, apply on face like this, skin will shine and glow


Makeup Tips: Makeup is the best friend of women, which gives them confidence, but many times they do not have time to do makeup in a hurry, in such a situation, women have to do makeup only with BB cream.

There are many types of BB creams available in the market, but many of these creams harm the skin more and enhance beauty less. If you also do not like to use BB cream for these reasons, then tell you that you can make it at home too. No posts, you will only need some old makeup items to make BB cream at home, let us tell you how to make BB cream at home.

How to make BB cream at home

To make BB cream at home, first, mix the leftover primer, foundation, sunscreen and compact powder from your makeup box. If you have oily skin then you can also avoid powder, you can add any other cream to keep the skin hydrated. Pack all these things in an air tight container and use them when needed.

how to apply

First of all wash your face thoroughly with face wash. After washing, apply moisturizer on the face. If the skin is oily, then apply a gel moisturizer, while if it is dry, then apply a creamy moisturizer. After this, you can apply this BB cream on the face.

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