IB Ministry issues notice to Google, Ad’s advisory should be followed

New Delhi:

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has asked Google India to stop displaying surrogate advertisements of betting companies to Indian users and follow the advisory of the government in this regard. As per reports, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting had sent a letter last week, asking the company to immediately remove all advertisements, direct or surrogate, from search results and betting platforms in YouTube. Sources said that the tech giant has been asked to follow the advisory.

Earlier, the ministry had issued an advisory in this regard and sources claimed that TV channels and OTT (over-the-top) players have stopped showing surrogate advertisements of online betting firms. However, it was brought to notice that many such advertisements were running on YouTube and Google.

Considering the significant financial and socio-economic risk to consumers, especially youth and children, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting issued two advisories on October 3, one for private television channels and the other for digital news publishers and OTT platforms. for. They should avoid showing advertisements of online betting sites and surrogate advertisements of such sites.

The ministry had earlier issued an advisory on June 13, 2022 advising newspapers, private TV channels and digital news publishers to refrain from publishing advertisements of online betting platforms.

The advisory issued by the ministry states that since betting and gambling are illegal in most parts of the country, the advertisements of these betting platforms as well as their surrogates are also illegal.

The Ministry is also of the view that betting and gambling pose significant financial and socio-economic risks to consumers, especially youth and children. Due to which, promotion of offline or online betting/gambling through advertisements is not given advisory in larger public interest.

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