IAS-IPS Promotion 2023: New Year gift to 200 IAS-IPS officers, will get promotion, benefit of pay scale. IAS-IPS Promotion :Big gift to 119 IAS and 95 IPS officers, DPC Approved, will get benefit of promotion From 1 January 2023, will get super time pay scale, 12000 will come into account

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IAS-IPS Promotion 2023: The Yogi Adityanath government of Uttar Pradesh has given a big gift to the IAS and IPS officers before the new year. In 2023, 119 IAS and 65 IPS officers will get the benefit of promotion. It was agreed upon in the DPC meeting chaired by Chief Secretary Durgashankar Mishra on Wednesday. Under this, the officers of the year 1990 to 1993 batch will be promoted from ADG to DG, 1998 batch to ADG, 2005 to IG and 2009 batch to ADG. On the post of IPS DIG and 36 police officers of 2010 batch will get the benefit of selection grade. This promotion will be applicable from January 1, 2023.

In fact, the Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC) of eight different batches of IPS officers between 1990 and 2010 was held on Wednesday. In this process was also conducted for DPC 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 batch IPS officers of Additional Director General (ADG) rank and Inspector General (IG) rank officers of 1998 batch for ADG rank. Deputy Inspector General (DIG) rank officers of 2005 batch were promoted to IG rank by the state, SP-rank officers of 2009 batch to DIG rank and SP-rank officers of 2010 batch were placed in the selection grade promotion.

See here who will get promotion

  • 6 IAS officers of 1998 batch from Secretary to Principal Secretary.
  • 9 IAS of 2007 batch will be promoted from Special Secretary to Secretary.
  • 7 in the rank of Additional Director General of Police (ADG) from Inspector General of Police (IG) in IPS officers.
  • From Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) to the rank of IG.
  • 13 officers will get promotion from Superintendent of Police to the post of DIG.
  • Benefit of selection grade to 36 Superintendent of Police level officers.
  • Noida DM Suhas LY, IAS Sheetal Verma, Alok Tiwari, Chaitra V, Naveen Kumar, Muthuswamy, Prabhu Narayan Singh, Dr. Adarsh ​​Singh and Abhay have been promoted to the post of Secretary.
  • 1998 batch officers Bhagwan Swaroop, Amit Chandra, Piyush Mordia, SK Bhagat, BD Paulsen, K Satyanarayana and Padmaja Chauhan will be promoted to the rank of ADGs.
  • The 2005 batch of IGs include Deepak Kumar, Akhilesh Kumar, J Ravindra Gaur, RK Bhardwaj, Upendra Agarwal, Subhash Chandra Dubey, Manjil Saini, Ankaj Sharma and Prem Kumar Gautam.
  • Of these, Manzil Saini, Ankaj Sharma and Prem Kumar Gautam are on central deputation, so these three officers will get the benefit of promotion only after returning to the parent cadre.
  • The proposal to give selection grade to 13 Superintendent of Police level officers of 2009 batch to the post of DIG and 36 SP rank officers has been approved.
  • MK Bashal, Tanuja Srivastava, SK Mathur, Anju Gupta, Subhash Chandra and Prashant Kumar I of the 1990 batch are also to be promoted to the rank of DG.

The benefit of pay scale to these officers

  • 1998 batch officers Alok Kumar III, Anil Kumar III, Anil Kumar Sagar, Pandhari Yadav, Ajay Chauhan and Neena Sharma have been given above super time pay scale of 10000 to 12000. This benefit is given on 25 years of good service. Now all these officers will become principal secretaries.
  • Apart from this, 9 officers of 2007 batch, Sheetal Verma, Alok Tiwari, Suhas LY, Chaitra V, Naveen Kumar GS, Dr. Muthukumarasamy B, Prabhu Narayan Singh, Abhay, Dr. Adarsh ​​Singh will be given super time pay scale. It is given on continuous service of 16 years, it is given for secretary. 8700 to 10000 grade pay will be given.
  • 35 IAS officers of 2010 batch will be given selection grade 6700 to 8700 pay scale after 13 years of service. These officers are of DM level.
  • 52 IAS officers of 2014 batch will be given pay scale of 6600 to 6500 (Junior Administrative). These officers will be able to become District Magistrate from Chief Development Officer.
  • It has been agreed to give senior time scale to 17 IAS officers of 2019 batch after four years of service. They will get pay scale of 5400 to 6600. These officers will now be able to become CDOs.

These IPS will not get benefit

At the same time, the proposal to give DG rank promotion to IPS officers of the year 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993 batch was postponed for the time being. The officers of this batch are to be promoted to the rank of DG in order of seniority if the post becomes vacant. 5 IPS officers will also not get promotion this time. This includes 1 IPS officer of 1992 batch, 3 of 2009 batch and 1 of 2010 batch. The promotion has been withheld due to pending inquiry against them.

He will retire in 2023

By the end of December before the new year, two ADG-rank officers and one DIG-rank officer will retire, so the posts will become vacant. At least 30 IPS officers of various ranks will retire in 2023. A total of 6 IPS officers including one DG rank, 4 DIG rank and one SP will retire in January 2023. One SP will retire in February and another DG rank officer is going to retire in March.

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