‘I am a thief’ tattoo made on the forehead of a young man, caught again in an attempt to steal

‘I am a thief’ tattoo : It is said that a thief can go by stealing, not by rigging. Clear means that one’s nature does not change completely. One such case came to light in Brazil. Here a man was caught stealing from a house in Cotia, Sao Paulo. When he was caught, people saw that ‘I am a thief’ was written on his forehead.

According to the report of ‘Dailybeast’, the name of this thief is Ruan Rocha da Silva. It has a tattoo on its forehead in the local language of Brazil which reads ‘I am a thief and a loser’. This tattoo was made on his forehead by two people in 2017 when he was caught stealing a bicycle. He took this step with the intention of teaching her a lesson, but it probably doesn’t matter to Ruan. That’s why he was once again caught stealing. He is a professional thief and in the year 2018 he was caught stealing deodorant from a market even after getting tattooed. Then in 2019 got caught trying to steal a sweatshirt. For this he also had to go to jail for a few days.

Once again he entered a house with the intention of stealing through the bathroom window, but people caught him. During this, he also got hurt and after being arrested, he was treated. Some part of the tattoo has also been erased from his forehead but still it is not completely removed. Ruan is constantly getting caught trying to steal but his habit is not improving. At the same time, even the tattoo on his forehead could not make him realize that stealing is a bad deed. However, it is not a good practice to make such a tattoo on anyone’s forehead. Instead the law should be allowed to take its course.

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