Hooliganism of miscreants in Ujjain, teased the girl, entered the house and assaulted

Ujjain Crime News: It was only 48 hours after the dispute and murder case against the molestation of a girl at the Kartik fair in Ujjain that once again the hooliganism of miscreants has come to the fore. Here some goons molested and assaulted a 20-year-old girl student and also had an argument with her family members.

This incident is of Tirupati Gold Colony located on Kanipura Road, Ujjain. Here the goons first stared at and molested the girl student. When she protested, the goons called 25-30 of their associates to the spot and pelted stones at the girl’s house. The miscreants entered inside by breaking the door and started fighting with the entire family. In this incident of assault, the girl’s nose pipe has burst and she is undergoing treatment in the hospital. It is also being told that the police have registered only the complaint of assault and the police say that the report was written on the basis of the matter told to them.

This incident happened last night when a boy named Ashish Raghuvanshi attacked the family of his own colony because they refused to abuse him while standing outside their house. The miscreants had beaten up the girl so badly that her nasal tube has burst and she has been admitted to the ICU ward of the private hospital. Apart from this, mother, father and brother have also been injured in the girl’s family who have been admitted to the hospital. Chimanganj police station has registered a case in the matter.

The miscreants were taking the girl by the hand

Giving information after the incident, the student’s mother told that a young man named Ashish Raghuvanshi, who lives behind the house, abused her after drinking alcohol. When asked him not to fight while standing here, he got down on insolence and started pulling the daughter by holding her hand. The miscreant said that he will pick it up and then brought many of his companions and pelted stones at the house and beat us.

When the girl stopped, she behaved rudely

In this case, the maternal uncle of the student says that his niece is preparing for competitive exams. The miscreants were standing outside the house staring at her from the window and using abusive words. Seeing this, she came out and said why are you standing here, then the miscreants said that they are standing for you. After this the girl called her brother and said that he was using abusive words. When the girl’s brother asked what was the problem, the miscreants said that they would pick up your sister and have a party. Hearing this, the family members got angry and a dispute started on the spot. After some time, the miscreant returned with 25-30 of his companions and breaking the door of the house, entered inside and started fighting.

Police negligence

Regarding the incident, the family members say that when the goons were doing bullying, we called Dial Hundred but the police did not come. After brainstorming for 2 hours, only the report of assault was written and the section of molestation was not imposed. The nose of the injured girl has burst, the bleeding is not stopping and she is undergoing treatment in the ICU. On the other hand, Chimanganj police station in-charge says that the report has been written on the basis of information about the incident. Nothing has been mentioned about the molestation is the incident of assault. The statement given by the family is in addition to the FIR. While registering a case against the accused, they are being searched, they are currently absconding and their house is locked.

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