High voltage drama of girls in Bhopal, car driver was abused for honking

Bhopal News: Information has come to light about two scooty-riding girls creating a ruckus at Retghat Tiraha in Bhopal. The video of this ruckus of the girls has also gone viral in which she is seen abusing them. It is being told that due to repeated honking of the horn by the car driver, the girls got upset and created a ruckus on the middle of the road.

In the video of the incident that has surfaced, it can be seen that the girls are abusing the car driver and the car driver is telling them that he is considering being a girl so don’t abuse them. After listening to the car driver, the girls on the car are saying that yes, there is abuse left, 10 times are left. This drama of these girls goes on in the middle of the road for about 2 minutes.

This whole ruckus happened at the time of red light at the traffic signal, as soon as the signal opened these girls left the spot. No party should reach the police station regarding the incident, due to which the identity of the girls could not be established at the moment. The traffic post subedar posted here says that till 10:30 pm he was on duty till then no such incident had happened. They also have no idea about when this video is from.

It is being said that this video is of Retghat Tirahe and the vehicles were stopped at the signal when there was a redlight. The car driver was repeatedly honking, due to which the girls riding on the scooty in front of the car got angry and started abusing. On refusing, the girls said in threatening words that yes there is abuse.

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