High speed took the life of the bike rider, the angry mob set the bus on fire. Seoni


Seoni Road Accident: A speeding bus hit the bike rider at some distance from Bhoma village under Kanhivada police station area of ​​Seoni. The collision was so severe that the bike rider suffered a serious head injury and died on the spot. Enraged by the incident, the mob set the bus on fire and the jam situation continued for a long time. Taking care of the system, the police removed the crowd from the road and got the traffic started.

According to information, 50-year-old Jagdish, a resident of Mahuljhir, has died in the incident. This person was going back to his village when the passenger bus of Nandan Travels coming from Mandla hit him hard. Due to the collision, the bike rider fell on his head on the road and died due to head injury. People present on the spot say that if he had worn a helmet, his life might have been saved.

Seoni News: The high speed took the life of the bike rider, the angry mob set the bus on fire

The mob set the bus on fire

Here, a large number of people angry with the incident had gathered on the spot. Some people ransacked the bus and doused it with petrol and set it on fire. In no time, the entire bus was burnt to ashes. The police reached the spot and made the crowd away from the burning bus so that no accident could happen. On getting the information, the fire engine reached the spot and the fire in the bus was extinguished.

long traffic jam

As soon as the information about the accident was received, a large number of people of the village had gathered on the spot. A mob of people had set the bus on fire. After which the traffic on Seoni Kanhiwada Road was stopped by the police. Due to the closure of traffic, there was a long jam on both sides of the road and the passengers were seen getting upset. After controlling the fire in the bus, the police gradually resumed the traffic.

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