High Court’s big decision, harassing husband by drinking alcohol and eating gutkha is cruelty, divorce application approved. Chhattisgarh High Court’s big decision, if wife harasses husband by drinking alcohol and eating gutkha, then it is cruelty, husband’s application for divorce is accepted

CG High Court big decision: You must have heard and read many cases related to divorce, in which husband and wife give many grounds against each other for divorce, after hearing which the court takes a decision, a case of divorce reached the Chhattisgarh High Court, but in The reason for the divorce petition filed by the husband was completely different, hearing which the court was a little surprised, but then the court gave an unprecedented decision and allowed the divorce petition.

The relationship between husband and wife is sacred, but sometimes some cases reach the threshold of divorce and reach the shelter of the court, one case reached the Chhattisgarh High Court in which a husband pleaded for divorce from his wife, the husband said that his The wife eats gutkha, drinks alcohol and harasses him. The petition was filed by a youth living in Bankimogra of Korba district who was married in May 2015 to a girl living in Katghora.

The husband said in the petition that on the morning of May 26, 7 days after the marriage, the wife was lying unconscious on the bed, when he took her to the doctor, the doctor told that she is addicted to drinking alcohol as well as eating non-veg and gutkha. When the matter came to light, the husband and other in-laws tried to convince the daughter-in-law but she did not agree.

The drunken woman started harassing her in-laws including her husband, started spitting here and there in the house after consuming gutkha, started quarreling on refusal, on December 30 she tried to commit suicide by setting herself on fire, after that twice Tried suicide by jumping from the roof and once by drinking insecticide but was saved twice.

Troubled by the action of the wife, the husband filed a divorce application in the Family Court, but the Family Court rejected his application, then he went to the High Court to challenge the decision of the Family Court, Justice Gautam Bhaduri and Justice Radhakishan Aggarwal in the High Court The double bench heard the case and rejected the order of the Family Court and allowed the husband’s divorce application, the court said that “if the wife, like men, by eating gutkha, pan masala, non-veg with alcohol, if the husband is fed up.” If you do, it is cruelty.

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