Hemp worth two crore seized while being hidden in a truck, smuggler arrested. guna news hemp worth two crore seized in truck smuggler arrested. guna news

Guna Crime News: Guna police is continuously taking action against those who buy and sell illegal liquor and illegal drugs under the ongoing drug addiction campaign in the state. In this sequence, the Guna police has got a big success. Hemp worth crores of rupees has been seized in a truck going from Gwalior to Indore. With this, the smuggler has been arrested. The network is being ascertained by questioning them.

SP Pankaj Srivastava said that Cantt station in-charge Vinod Kumar Chhawai had received information that on November 27 morning, a large quantity of narcotics was being transported from Gwalior to Indore by loading it in truck number RJ 09 GC 7772. The blockade was done immediately after this information. The suspicious truck was stopped on the highway near Doordarshan Kendra. Badrilal Yadav, a resident of Ratankhedi district Agar, who was running it, was caught. During interrogation, the accused confessed to drug trafficking. Hemp kept in 75 packets being carried in the truck was seized. When it was weighed, it turned out to be 750 kg. Along with the drugs, the truck was also seized. The value of the seized goods has been estimated at Rs 2 crore.

Guna News: Hemp worth two crore seized in truck, smuggler arrested

network detection

SP Pankaj Srivastava told that the accused involved in the smuggling of marijuana is being interrogated. Its network is being traced. Soon other accused related to this smuggling will also be disclosed.

Sandeep Dixit’s report from Guna

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