Health Tips: These things kept in your kitchen are absolutely unhealthy, know what can be healthy replacement. These things kept in your kitchen are very unhealthy for health, know what can be healthy replacement

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Health Tips: Food items are definitely kept in the kitchen of all of us. We go on assuming that every food item kept in our kitchen is healthy. But this does not happen. There are many such things kept in our kitchen which are not necessary for our diet and are often unhealthy. Yet we keep using them without knowing it. But it is very important to know that the things kept in the kitchen can also be heavy on our health.

sea ​​salt-

Salt is an essential part of every kitchen. But this can also be unhealthy. Replace the mountain salt kept in the kitchen with rock salt. Rock salt is more beneficial for health.

Sugar –

No one is unaware of the consequences of eating too much sugar. By eating sugar, the weight also increases rapidly and it is certain that the sugar patient will be harmed. Sugar can be replaced with jaggery, honey or dates.

Refined oil –

Eating refined oil can harm health as well as heart health. The amount of trans fat in this type of oil is very high. Instead of this oil like mustard oil, olive oil can be used.

Red chilly –

Red, green and black pepper- Out of these chillies, red chillies are the most harmful for health. Due to this red chili, there are problems like burning sensation in the chest. It is better to replace red chillies with green chillies.

Fine flour –

Indian food includes many types of flour. In this, flour is most dangerous for health. Flour is also not easy to digest. Maida can be replaced with other types of flour.

Disclaimer – The information given in this article is based only on beliefs and information. MP breaking does not confirm these. Seek relevant expert advice before acting on any information or assumptions.

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