Hawan Ki Rakh: This is the miraculous remedy of the ashes of Havan, there will be blessings and peace in the house. Miraculous remedies of Hawan Ki Rakh, happiness and peace will remain in the house

Hawan Ki Rakh

Havan’s ashes: Havan worship has been considered very important in Hinduism. The tradition of performing Havan, which started from ancient times, is continuing till now. It is believed that by performing Havan all negative energy is destroyed. Along with this, positive energy starts to reside. A lot of importance has been given regarding this in astrology also. In astrology, it is also advised to perform Havan to maintain happiness, peace and prosperity in the lives of people. Performing Havan is considered very auspicious. This gives full fruit.

Let us tell you that the material used in Havan is also considered very important. Getting all the ingredients right is very important. There should be no omission of any material in it for Havan. Because while performing the Havan, the Havan material is sacrificed in the fire. That’s why its importance has been told. The ash that remains after the havan is also considered very miraculous. By keeping this ash in the house, blessings remain with happiness and peace. Today we are going to tell you about some miraculous remedy of ash, so let’s know –

These are the benefits and remedies of the ashes of Havan –

It is said that the prayer that comes out during the Havan brings positivity and purification in the environment. Wherein the ashes of Havan are used to remove negativity forces. If you perform Havan at home, then instead of throwing its ashes, start sprinkling it at your business place. Negative powers will never come from this.

It is always said by elders to take out the evil eye with the help of oil or salt and with the help of ash. It is quickly visible. Along with this, it has been said in Vastu Shastra that in order to protect the members of the house from the evil eye, they should be vaccinated with the ashes of Havan. This can be avoided from evil eye.

If there is a problem of money or there is no blessings in the house, then the ashes of Havan should be kept carefully. After the havan is done, cool the ash that remains after that and tie it in a red cloth and keep it in the cupboard. By doing this, blessings will remain and money problems will also go away.

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