Haste took the narrator’s life, his foot slipped while boarding the train

Accident in Indore: Haste took the life of a storyteller at the Indore railway station. According to information, he was trying to board the Malwa Express. Then suddenly his leg slipped and he came under the train. The train stopped after passengers raised an alarm and the narrator was admitted to MY Hospital.

According to the information, the storyteller Balmukund was a resident of Pithampur and used to recite other stories including Bhagwat Katha. He was going to Ujjain to read the story. He had taken a ticket to board the Malwa Express. When he started boarding the train at platform number four, he slipped under the train due to loss of balance. Before he could save himself, the train started moving and his leg was amputated.

Seeing the accident, people started making noise and the train was stopped. Balmukund was taken out after stopping the train and was taken to MY Hospital. He had lost a lot of blood in the accident, due to which his life could not be saved.

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