Gwalior News: Administration broke houses, people made allegations of arbitrariness, said how 100 years old properties encroachment? , Gwalior News: Public outraged by anti-encroachment campaign, made serious allegations against the administration

Gwalior News: For the last fortnight, the district administration is running an anti-encroachment drive in Energy Minister Pradyuman Singh Tomar’s Vidhansabha, identifying and removing around 200 properties that are obstructing the construction and beautification of the road from Phulbagh intersection to Fort Gate intersection. The local people are demolishing their more than 100 years old houses with their own hands, but today once again when the district administration team reached to remove the encroachment, the people got uprooted and started protesting.

Development works are being done in Gwalior Vidhansabha for a long time, due to being adjacent to Gwalior Fort and being an old settlement, there are dense settlements here, the main roads are also very narrow, which are now being widened, a few months ago Bhoomipujan was done for the widening of the road from Phulbagh intersection to Fort Gate intersection, but the speed slowed down due to the houses being built as obstructions.

About 15 days ago, the district administration started an anti-encroachment campaign, then other political organizations including the Congress protested, the local people also sat on a dharna with the Congress; The district administration gave time to the people and asked them to remove the encroachment themselves.

After the completion of the time period given to the people to remove the encroachment themselves, today once again under the leadership of SDM Pradeep Tomar, the anti-encroachment staff of the Municipal Corporation reached to take action, the staff slowly started demolishing the houses but as soon as the team Kanshiram When it reached near Dharamshala, a dispute started there.

Local Congress leader Pawan Jain said that the administration is working in a Hitlerite way, people are removing the construction with their own hands, yet the administration is running the machines, he said that since 100 There are 150 old houses which are being demolished in the name of encroachment, properties with age old registry are being torn down and no compensation is being given, Pawan Jain said that there are marriages on 2 December, 5 December in Kanshi Ram’s Dharamshala but The administration did not listen to one thing, bulldozers were forcibly used on Dharamshala, when there was a lot of protest, then it was accepted somewhere.

On the other hand, the administrative officials denied any kind of protest, they said that 190 properties have been identified which are to be removed, people are breaking them with their hands and those who are unable to do so, the administration is removing them, the officials said that A 60 feet wide road is being made, so the properties which are creating obstacles on both sides of the road are being removed.

Atul Saxena’s report from Gwalior

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