Guna News: Fraud in the name of getting loan from bank, may be linked to interstate gang. Cheating in the name of getting a loan from the bank

Guna News: In Madhya Pradesh’s Guna, a case of cheating with about half a hundred people in the name of getting loan from the bank has come to light. As the police investigation is progressing in the case of fraud, it is coming to know that this bank of fraud is active in the state and other districts of the country as well.

multiple transactions in the account

It is suspected that these bank accounts were being misused for online fraud as many transactions have taken place in the accounts, which are not known to the account holders. At present, the Bhopal Crime Branch and police of other states have got many bank accounts put on hold, in which about 50 accounts of Guna district are being told.

pretended to get loan

In fact, the fraud came to light when Sagar Singh Gurjar of Chanchoda area lodged a complaint with the police that Lalit Meena and Sonu asked him to get a loan of Rs 3 lakh by opening his account in a private bank. The accused got a bank account opened by taking 6-6 thousand rupees but instructed to link a particular mobile number with the account. It was told that if this mobile number is linked, the loan will be available soon. However, after a few days, the money of the account holders started coming out of the account.

Sandeep Dixit’s report from Guna

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