Gujarat Election 2022: Home Minister Narottam roared in Godhra, “Revolution came from Charkha but peace came from Bulldozer”. Gujarat Election 2022: Home Minister Narottam said in Godhra, Narendra Modi has ended the politics of appeasement, action taken against terrorists

Narottam Mishra In Godhra: The Gujarat election campaign is now in its final stage. All the parties including BJP have put their full strength in the campaign. Madhya Pradesh’s Home Minister Dr. Narottam Mishra thundered on Wednesday at Godhra in Gujarat where any leader refrains from speaking. He said that it was taught that the freedom revolution in the country came from Mahatma Gandhi’s spinning wheel but the coming generation will be taught that peace in the country came from bulldozers.

Addressing the ‘Other Language-Speaking Mel and Hindi Samaj Sammelan’ in Godhra, Home Minister Narottam Mishra said that Modi ji has changed everything after becoming the Prime Minister. Everything has been turned upside down. Not only in the country, the whole world has been turned upside down. There was a time when Pakistani soldiers used to come and take away the heads of our soldiers, they used to make football and play.

Pakistan used to beg for Kashmir yesterday, today it is begging – Narottam

At that time our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh used to talk about peace. White pigeons used to fly. But everything has changed after the arrival of Modi ji, now if the bullet comes from Pakistan, then the shell goes from here. Air strike, surgical strike gave such a befitting reply that Pakistan, which used to ask for Kashmir till yesterday, is today begging with a bowl.

The politics of appeasement is over in the country

Narottam Mishra said that Modi ji has ended the politics of appeasement in the country. There is a Congress government in Rajasthan, where Kanhaiya Lal’s throat is slit. Any terrorist has the courage to come to Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat. In Gujarat, a terrorist’s pants will be torn just by thinking of bursting the bomb. His paint will get wet.

Revolution came from spinning wheel, peace came from bulldozer – Narottam

The Home Minister said that we have been taught that revolution came from the spinning wheel of Mahatma Gandhi, but the coming generations will learn that peace came from bulldozers. Narottam Mishra said that whether it is Rahul baba or Kejriwal, the country has seen the real face of everyone. Whenever slogans were raised in JNU that Afzal is ashamed, your murderer is alive.. How many Afzal will you kill, Afzal will emerge from every house. Then this Rahul baba and Kejriwal had reached first to meet those sloganeering. We have to be careful with them.

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