Government school premises became resting place for drunkards. damoh news

Damoh drunkards in government school: In Damoh, on Friday, such a scene came to the fore in the government school, which remained the subject of discussion throughout the day, in fact, this is an incident of a government school in Damoh, when the children reached the school on Friday morning, they were surprised to see a drunkard lying inside the verandah of the school. And the children were standing outside the school waiting for the lock to open. The drunken young man was so inebriated that he did not realize that it was morning and a crowd of children were standing watching him, and no one was able to go near the drunkard because of the stench of alcohol. When the drunkard did not wake up for a long time, the police was informed, the police reached the spot and the drunkard was taken out of the school premises.

It is being told that the case is related to the primary school located at Manpura Road in Hata block of Damoh district, the local people say that in the evening there is a gathering of alcoholics in the school premises and till late night the young man is creating ruckus here, Thursday Even at night, some youths drank alcohol here, although the rest went home, but a drunken youth fainted in the school hall. When the children reached the school in the morning, they were horrified to see the drunkard lying there and the teachers also stood outside, due to which the lock of the school could not be opened. The teachers informed the senior officials and later also informed the police. There is a lot of resentment among the family members of the students due to the incident. At present, the local people have demanded action from the police.

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