Government documents missing from Vikram University, FIR not registered even after 9 days

Ujjain News: A shocking case has come to light from Vikram University. Here a committee was formed to investigate the irregularities in the PhD examination. After completing the investigation, the file of the documents prepared by the committee has disappeared from here. The shocking thing is that the file is missing since 9 days, but the university administration is talking about setting up an inquiry committee just by looking at the footage. An FIR has not even been registered in this matter so far.

The Vikram University PhD Exam was conducted in June 2022. The complaint of selection of ineligible in this examination was made with evidence. After the complaint, a committee of 3 members was formed in the university for investigation. After several meetings and investigation, the statements of people related to the case were recorded. This file of the statement was available with the university, but suddenly it came to the notice that the documents of the statement given by a person were missing. The sudden disappearance of official documents in this way created a stir and the registrar issued a notice seeking answers.

Even after 9 days, neither the documents have been received nor an FIR has been registered in this matter. It is also being said that the members of the inquiry committee have also talked about separating themselves from the committee after this incident. If this happens, then a judicial inquiry can be conducted in this matter. Nine days after the incident, a member of the inquiry committee, the registrar and officials of the department have seen the CCTV footage. In the case, officials say that the footage of missing documents is being watched, everyone will be informed as soon as the information is known.

In this matter, Assistant Registrar of the department Ramesh Suryavanshi says that the meeting of the inquiry committee was held on 21 November. During this, Vishnu Saxena had asked for the file to review the statement. This file was given to Saxena before the committee but later the statements were found missing from the file. The matter was reported to the registrar after which a notice was sent to Vishnu Saxena. At the same time, it is being said that the investigation of the forgery that has been done in the PhD entrance examination is going on in the final stages and the documents have disappeared only to stop the investigation. After the missing documents of the investigation, now the university is talking about forming another investigation committee to find these documents.

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