Good news: now MP’s Mahua will smell in London, employment and business of farmers will increase

MP Mahua will be sold in London : At present, many products of Madhya Pradesh are increasing the reputation of the state in foreign countries, now Mahua has also been included in this episode, Mahua of Madhya Pradesh will now become the pride of London, that means the smell of MP’s Mahua will spread in the markets of London.

Mahua of Madhya Pradesh is now increasing in foreign countries also, Sehore, Umaria, Narmadapuram, and Sidhi have good quality Mahua in abundance in the state, now its demand has come from London, so 200 tonnes of Mahua will be sent to London. Will be exported at the rate of Rs 110 per kg. The contract for this has been done by the State Small Forest Produce Cooperative Union in collaboration with the Forest Department.

Let us tell you that last year this agreement was signed with Madhuvanya, the Indian unit of London’s Farm M/s O-Forest at the 9th International Forest Fair at the end of last year. Pushkar Singh, Managing Director of the State Small Forest Produce Association, said that there will be three times profit in Mahua due to exports to London. The contracted Mahua will be supplied in the year 2023.

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He informed that apart from Sehore, agreements are being signed with Narmadapuram, Umaria, Alirajpur, Sidhi and Khandwa district unions. The minimum support price of Mahua in the forest division is Rs 35 per kg. With this important and farmer-friendly initiative of minor forest produce, mahua at Rs 35 per kg will be exported at the rate of Rs 110 per kg.

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