Good news for the employees, will get the benefit of new pay scale, payment of arrears will be done from 2017, up to 35000 rupees will come in the account. 7th pay commission : Gift for employees, will get the benefit of new pay scale, arrears will be paid from 2017, up to 35000 rupees will come in the account

Employees New Pay Commission: There is good news for the state employees. They will be given the benefit of the new pay scale. The government has taken a decision in this regard. At the same time, its information has also been presented in the High Court. Soon the employees are to be paid the salary including arrears in the position of 2016.

Non-teaching staff working in the University will also be given the benefit of seventh pay scale. A major decision has been taken by the Soren government in this regard. The High Court was informed about this on Friday. In which Anand Sen’s court, while hearing the petition filed for contempt, has executed the petition.

Non-teaching staff equally benefited

While hearing the contempt petition, the court said that if the benefit of seventh pay scale is being given to the teaching staff from 2017, then non-teaching staff should also get its benefit from 2017. Higher pay scales are being made available to the academic staff. While non-teaching staff are also required to be equally benefited.

Payment of arrears of seventh pay scale from the year 2017

Tell me, a contempt petition was filed in the High Court by Shakuntala Das. In this, it was said that since the year 2017, the arrears of the seventh pay scale have been paid to the academic staff in all the universities of the state. While non-teaching staff are not being paid the seventh pay scale from January 1, 2016. On which the details were presented in the court by State University’s advocate Amit Kumar Sinha. In which it was said that the government had asked for the details of the amount due for this. The figures for which were made available to the government in 2017.

7th pay scale will be paid soon from 2017

A cabinet meeting was held on 12 December. Permission in this regard has been obtained in the cabinet meeting. All non-teaching staff will be paid 7th pay scale from 2017. Soon the amount will reach their account, it is sure that about 5000 employees of the university will get its benefit.

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