Good news for the employees, 3 months salary-honorarium will be paid, Rs 100 crore budget released, benefits will be available in December-January. Good news for the employees, 3 months salary and honorarium will be paid, Rs 100 crore budget released, benefits will be available in December and January

Employees Honorarium Payment: There is good news for workers including employees. Actually soon they will be paid honorarium. Funds have been allocated for this. Orders have also been issued while releasing the budget for allocation of funds.

Along with releasing the budget for payment of MNREGA and construction materials on Monday, soon in this process MNREGA workers and contract employees will be paid the arrears of honorarium for 3 months. This will benefit more than 40,000 contract workers working in MNREGA of UP.

No payment of honorarium to contract employees for 3 months

In fact, the honorarium has not been paid to the contract employees for 3 months. For which a budget of Rs 100 crore has been released by the state government for payment of honorarium. Along with this, 800 crore rupees have also been released for the payment of dues of construction materials in Uttar Pradesh.

Permanent construction works were being affected

Apart from this, the assistant program officers, computer operators, accountants and village employment assistants working in MNREGA have also not been paid honorarium for 3 months. They will also be ensured to get honorarium. The amount of honorarium will be sent to their account in the month of January. Due to which his honorarium will increase by Rs.10,000. The MNREGA building material supply forms were also not paid for three to four months. Due to which permanent construction works were getting affected in many districts. In such a situation, the budget has now been released for them.

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