Good news for employees-teachers, will get benefit of new pay scale, instructions for salary fixation, amount will come up to 30 thousand in the account. 7th pay commission : Good news for employees teachers, will get the benefit of 7th pay scale, instructions given by government, amount will increase up to 30000 in account

7th Pay Scale: There is good news for the employee teachers of the state. In fact, they will soon get the benefit of pay fixation as per the recommendation of the Seventh Pay Commission. The Divisional Commissioner has issued important guidelines in this regard. Giving important instructions to the officers, the Divisional Commissioner has said that the salary of all the government employees whose salary has not been fixed, should be fixed as soon as possible and they should be given the benefit of the seventh pay scale.

Despite the implementation of the Seventh Pay Commission to the employees, they are not being given the benefit of the pay scale after fixing the salary. In this regard, the Divisional Commissioner has written a letter to the District Collector of Gwalior Chambal Division. In his written letter, he has directed that the salaries of the employees and teachers should be fixed through the Divisional Joint Director Fund and Accounts.

Divisional Commissioner’s instructions

The Divisional Commissioner has said in the letter that all the withdrawal and constitution rights of the district should be instructed for this in writing. Divisional Commissioner Deepak Singh instructed all the drawing and disbursing officers to take the certification of the employees as well. Along with this, it has been said to show readiness to get the salaries of all subordinate government employees fixed at the earliest.

Benefits of new pay scale to employees

In fact, till now the salaries of all the teachers merged in the academic cadre under the School Education Department have not been fixed. Along with this, various salaries of government employees of many departments are yet to be fixed. On which the Divisional Commissioner has now given instructions to take strict action. Instructions have been given to the drawing and disbursing officer to fix the salary as soon as possible and give the benefits of the seventh pay scale to the employees and teachers. Now soon teachers including government employees will be given the benefit of seventh pay scale.

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