Good news for employees, possible increase in salary, will get benefits, new update on 8th Pay Commission. 7th Pay Commission: Good news for employees, bumper increment, salary will increase by 3.68 times, up to Rs.63000 will come into account

7th Pay Commission Fitment Factor: The year 2022 has been very happy for the central employees. Actually there were big announcements one after the other. On one hand, they have got the benefit of a total DA hike of 7%. On the other hand, many other allowances have also been increased. Along with this, important amendments have also been made in many rules including pension scheme. Now once again the employees can get many gifts.

According to the coming information, there can be a direct increase in his salary in 2023. According to the latest update, the file of fitment factor is continuously moving forward. Only this is possible till the end of the year 2023. With the increase in fitment factor by 1.11%, there will be a huge increase in the salary of the employees. There will be an increase in their salary at the basic level.

update on new pay commission

According to the present figures, the dearness allowance of central employees has been increased to 38 percent. The demand for new pay commission has also started. However, the government has made it clear that the status quo remains the same for the new pay commission. However, the government has started considering the long standing demand of the employees. The government seems to be getting serious on the long-standing demand of the employees to increase the fitment factor under the recommendation of the Seventh Pay Commission.

If sources are to be believed, it can be considered by the government next year. By the end of the year 2023, the possibility of any major decision on the fitment factor coming out in the open has intensified. Due to which the expectations of the employees have also started getting tied. At present, there is no official confirmation on this.

Minimum wage will increase up to Rs.8000

According to the information, at present the basic salary of central employees on the basis of fitment factor is Rs 18000. The figure of minimum basic salary 18000 is currently being fixed on the basis of 2.57 times. On the other hand, if we look at the demand of central employees, it can be increased by 3.68 times under the recommendation. After which there will be a big difference in their minimum wages. With an increase of 3.8 times, the minimum wage of the employees will increase by Rs 8,000 to Rs 26,000.

calculation will be like this

On the other hand, if the fitment factor is increased to 3 times, then there will be a bumper increase in the salary of the employees. The current minimum basic salary of central employees is 18000. On multiplying 18000 by 2.5 times, it becomes Rs.46260. On the other hand, if the maximum increase of 3.68 is accepted as per the recommendation, then the salary of the employees will increase to Rs 95680 at the rate of 26000 times 3.68.

Also, if the fitment factor is increased by 3 times by the government, then the basic salary will be Rs.21000. After which, apart from the total salary allowances, the fitment factor can increase their salary to Rs 63000.

Effect of fitment factor

There is an increase in the salary of the employees under the fitment factor. Salary allowances are decided on the basis of basic salary and fitment factor. While fixing the salary, the salaries of the employees are fixed by multiplying the basic salary with the fitment factor of dearness allowance, traveling allowance, house rent allowance. It also includes EPF gratuity which is fixed in DA. After all these allowances and deductions, the CTC of the employees is prepared.

Thought possible after budget 2023

The employees union says that the government is looking for an alternative on the demand of the employees. The Employees Union has already met the Cabinet Secretary. Assurance has also been given. The government may soon forward the file of fitment factor. This can be considered after Budget 2023.

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