Good news for 61000 employee-teachers, 4 percent increase in honorarium-salary, benefits will be available from January 2023. Good news for employees-teachers, 4 percent increase in honorarium, benefits will be available from January 2023

Employees Salary: There is good news for staff teachers. 61000 employee teachers will soon get the benefit of increase in honorarium. Next year from the month of January 2023, there will be an increase of 4 percent in their honorarium and salary. Not only this, an increase in their honorarium will be seen every year.

issue orders

Para teachers are to be given the benefit of honorarium after their satisfactory service and verification of educational and training certificates. Its preparation has been completed. The State Project Director of Jharkhand Education Project Council has issued orders regarding this to all District Education Officers and District Education Superintendents.

Provision for 4 percent increase in honorarium every year

61000 employees will get the benefit of increased honorarium from the month of January. In fact, for the first time after the implementation of the Assistant Teacher Service Conditions Rules 2021, the honorarium of para teachers has been increased. Under the rule of the same service condition rules, a provision has also been made to increase the honorarium by 4 percent every year.

Verification work of 80% mercury teachers’ certificates completed

In his issued order, all District Education Officers and District Education Superintendents have been instructed by the State Project Director to complete the process for increasing the honorarium by 4 percent from January. The benefit of honorarium increase will be given to such para teachers whose service is satisfactory and its confirmation will be verified by the administrative and disciplinary authority. Under the information, the certificates of 80% mercury teachers working in the state have been verified. On the other hand, after confirming the satisfactory service, they will be able to get the benefit of increased honorarium.

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