Good news for 1 crore employee-pensioners, October AICPI figures released, DA will increase by 42 percent, amount will increase in account. 7th Pay Commission: Good news for 1 crore employees-pensioners, AICPI figures released, there will be bumper increase in dearness allowance, amount will increase in account

7th Pay Commission: Very good news has come out for the employees on 1 December. In fact, dearness allowance will once again see an increase of 4%. The CPI index, which is being presented continuously on the inflation data, seems to be indicating this. Actually the employees will be given the gift of 4% increase in dearness allowance in the new year. An increase in dearness allowance can be announced by the government between January 2023 and March 2023.

1.2% increase

Earlier AICPI index figures for October 2022 have been released. In which once again an increase of 1.2% has been seen. The All India CPI i&w has now increased to 132.5 with an increase of 1.2 points. In such a situation, the expected dearness allowance in January 2023 is expected to rise to 42% with a 4% increase in dearness relief. However, for the increase in dearness allowance to 42%, it is necessary to release the figures of November and December.

Actually, the AICPI index figures are presented by the Ministry of Labor at the end of every month, these figures are very important for the employees. The increase in the CPI IW index figure is very necessary for the increase in dearness allowance of central employees. According to the present figures, dearness allowance is fixed at 41.12%. If the figures of increase in inflation remain the same in November and December, then the increase in dearness allowance of the employees can be seen by 42.43 percent. After this, the benefit of 4% dearness allowance will be given to the employees.

DA will increase by 42 percent

In fact, central employees are getting the benefit of 38% dearness allowance from July 2022. The next revision is scheduled to happen in January 2023. Figures have started coming in for this. The figures from July to October have come out. The end of December will come the last of November. Next time also there will be an increase of 4 percent in dearness allowance.


Let us tell you that there was a decrease in retail and wholesale inflation rate last month. Global inflation is likely to remain high. Whose effect will be seen. Earlier in September, a growth of 1.1% was recorded. After which the figure had increased to 131.3. A growth of 1.2 percent has been recorded in the month of October. Also the points have increased to 132.5. If the figures remain 132.5 till December, then the employees will be sure to get the benefit of 4 per cent dearness allowance.

AICPI July, 2022 to December, 22

Increment ——Month——Points ——6th Pay Scale ——7th Pay Scale

  • 0.7 —July 22 —–129.9 —–213.94% —–39.02%
  • 0.3 ——Aug, 22 ——130.2 —–215.45% —–39.69%
  • 1.1 ——Sept. 22 —–131.3 ——217.11% —–40.42%
  • 1.2 —Oct, 22 ——132.5 ——218.69% ——41.12%
  • 0 ——Nov,22 —–132.5 ——220.13% ——41.76%
  • 0 ——Dec, 22 —132.5 —–221.64% —–42.43%

Salary will increase this much

  • Minimum basic salary of employees – Rs 18000
  • From 42% dearness allowance – Rs 7560 per month
  • Which will see an increase of Rs 8640 in the annual salary of the employees.

Maximum basic salary of employees Rs 56900

  • Basic salary of employees Rs 56900
  • New dearness allowance Rs 23898 per month
  • Annual increase in salary of employees Rs.27312

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