Girls kick and punch for boyfriend, video viral

Girls fight for boyfriend : There is war for love..we all have heard this proverb. But recently such a case came to the fore, which has proved this thing right. Here, four girls together thrashed a girl fiercely in connection with her boyfriend. This incident happened in front of a fair and someone made a video of it and put it on social media.

The incident is being reported from Saran district of Bihar. According to the information, four girls had come to visit a fair. At the same time, another girl also reached the fair with her boyfriend. It is being told that one of those four girls was the boy’s ex-girlfriend and seeing her with his new girlfriend, a quarrel started between them. In no time, the matter reached to a fight. All four girls said that she made someone else’s boyfriend her own.

In the video, you can clearly see how the four girls are kicking and punching together. She is pulling that girl’s hair and beating her fiercely. Meanwhile the boy tries to rescue the beach but fails. Till now it is not known where these girls are from. But the video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. However, MP Breaking News does not verify this video.

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