Garbage cart caught fire at the middle of the intersection, there was a stir at the spot. Garbage cart caught fire at the intersection, there was a stir at the spot. Ujjain

Ujjain Fire News: Information about the incident of arson has come to light from Ujjain’s Maxi Road. Here, a garbage cart standing on the signal near the municipal depot suddenly caught fire. In no time, the fire took a formidable form and there was a stir on the spot. In the incident, the entire vehicle has been burnt to ashes and by looking at the pictures, it can be guessed that the incident was horrifying.

The incident of arson happened with the number seven garbage vehicle running in ward number 40. The vehicle was standing at the signal and suddenly smoke started rising from it. Seeing the smoke rising, the driver took out some belongings from the car and threw them outside but the fire continued to grow and the driver was seen asking for help on the phone. On receiving the information, the fire brigade vehicle reached the spot but before that the vehicle was badly engulfed in flames.

The signal timer installed nearby has also come under the grip of fire in the garbage car. It is being said that the car caught fire due to short circuit. The investigation is going on there. Officials say that the driver will be questioned about this. But thankfully, there was no loss of life.

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