Fraud with medical shop operator in Rewa. Fraud of 36 lakhs in the name of setting up an ethanol plant

Rewa News: Once again a case of fraud has come to the fore in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh. Actually, there was a fraud of Rs 36 lakh with the medical shop operator here. Please inform that Rathara resident of the district was carrying out this incident with the help of a fraudster from Kolkata. It is being told that the young man was a friend of the medical operator, so he easily took the young man under his trap. After which they came to take the second installment of Rs 1.5 crore from him on Sunday, but at the last moment the lies of both the fraudsters were caught.

Complaint to Amahiya police

According to the information received, the operator had told about this to his CA and friends. After which the victim realized the fraud, then he lodged a complaint with the Amhiya police. Then, showing readiness, the police laid siege and arrested both of them.

Police arrested

Amahiya police station in-charge sub-inspector Deepak Tiwari said that medical director Tushar Tamarkar was cheated in the name of setting up an ethanol plant. Both of them had got the operator transferred Rs 36 lakh to their account by bluffing them and were once again demanding 5 percent commission in the name of getting subsidy from the World Bank in a plant worth 100 crores. At the same time, both the accused have been arrested after laying siege. On whom preparations are being made to register a case of fraud and present it in the district court.

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