Fraud of lakhs of rupees done in the name of land, accused absconding

Bhopal Crime News: Cases of cheating in the name of land are coming to the fore from Gandhinagar area of ​​Bhopal. Here the thugs have cheated many people by claiming the vacant lands as their own. Once again a similar case has come to the fore from here.

The thug took 4 lakh rupees from a person working in private, saying that the land was his own and did not register it. When the victim came to know about the matter, he reached the police station and lodged a complaint. Police has registered a case against the accused.

According to the information, 55-year-old Sultan, who lives in Gandhinagar, works in private. In the year 2006, he met Yamini Krishna Shastri. This person used to call himself an advocate and Sultan and his life were known to buy the plot. By showing a land in Abbas Nagar, the person claimed it as his own and struck a deal for Rs 4 lakh. After giving the money, that person stopped talking to Sultan and also stopped picking up the phone. After which the victim understood that he had been cheated, then he reached the police with a complaint.

The surprising thing is that in the case of this fraud done in the name of land, FIR has been registered after 16 years. When the person reached with the complaint, he did not come to give his statement till several days later. After this, when the statements were made, the police collected evidence and registered a case against the accused. At present he is out of the custody of the police.

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