Former Chief Minister Uma Bharti. rahul gandhi should travel till pok and connect pakistan occupied kashmir former chief minister uma bharti. balaghat news

Balaghat News: Firebrand leader and former Chief Minister Sushri Uma Bharti reached Balaghat on December 30 evening on a two-day stay after a long gap. He was welcomed by the BJP organization and leaders at the circuit house here. During this, while discussing with the media, Sushri Uma Bharti not only took a dig at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra but also expressed condolences on the demise of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mother Shree Heeraba. During this, he openly expressed his opinion on liquor ban, reservation and other issues in the state.

Firebrand leader and former Chief Minister Sushri Uma Bharti said about Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra that she always wondered from where India was broken. Kashmir was broken, from where Article 370 was removed and added to it. POK is broken, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, Rahul Gandhi should connect it by taking a yatra till POK. He said that the Congress has done the work of breaking the country. Connect only what is broken. Expressing condolences on the death of Hiraba, mother of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said that Hiraba was a source of energy for the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister has lost the source of energy, now crores of diamonds of the country will keep him under the shade of Mamta.

Government is working to distribute liquor

Responding to a question regarding prohibition in the state, he said that alcohol and drugs are ruining the country. The government and the society are against drugs, but the government is doing the work of distributing liquor. Along with fixing the liquor distribution system, the government should make people aware. Also control the sale of liquor. For example, there should be a liquor shop at a distance of half a kilometer from religious places, schools, labor colonies and gatherings of women. The government wants revenue but revenue can be brought from anywhere. He told that Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has also accepted the shortcomings in liquor distribution. According to me, there should be no liquor in the world.

In response to a question about Union Minister Prahlad Patel, who was once with him, he said that I do not know Prahlad Modi, I only know Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Responding to the question of not being given due attention in the party, she said that I have not become a leader with the certificate or seal of any leader, I stand next to the poor man and the slum dwellers have made me a messiah. Although I do not have the ability to be a leader. I consider myself a great fool and a fool.

I am not a big leader, nor do I live in this pride. Neither do I want any appreciation nor attention. I have been a minister in the center for 11 years in political life, won 6 Lok Sabha elections and 2 state assembly elections, it seems she was some other Uma Bharti. I am of normal intelligence, no intelligence, no face, no way of speaking, but the public is Janardan’s grace. I can do whatever I want, when I thought about mother Ganga, I became a ministry. When Shivraj thought about alcohol, he agreed. Shivraj Singh made a record by running a public campaign against liquor. Who should be congratulated. I am not showing this humility, consider me arrogant but I am loyal and determined to do what I think is right, I believe that path should not leave me.

Reservation should be available not only in government but also in private sector.

On the question of reservation, he said that poor gold should also get 10 percent reservation and this reservation should be given not only in government but also in private sector. He said that after having differences on reservation people will go to court and court works under facts, logic and constitutional norms and reservation of ST, SC and OBC cannot be reduced. I believe that the whole world is divided between the underprivileged and the privileged. On one side there are poor ST, SC, OBC and Swarna, while on the other side there are people going to private and government hospitals or private or government schools.
Sunil Kore’s report from Balaghat

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