Former BJP MLA’s son misbehaves with doctor, angry doctor resigns

Jabalpur News : Former BJP MLA Dilip Dubey’s son has committed indecency with a doctor posted at Sihora Government Hospital in Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh to such an extent that the doctor threatened to resign, the incident happened on Sunday night where Dr. Chinmay Pradhan and former MLA K. There was a fierce dispute between son Raja Dubey, although the doctor has not yet lodged any complaint in the police station in this matter.

this is the whole matter

Please tell that the incident is being told on Sunday evening. On Sunday evening, Raja Dubey, son of former BJP MLA Dilip Dubey, had reached Government Civil Hospital Sihora with his bus driver. Pradhan reached the room and learned the reason for the ruckus, on hearing this, Raja Dubey, the son of former MLA, started arguing with him, the doctor said that even after this it is a holiday, I am ready for treatment, Raja Dubey used to make excuses. Accusing them, they started arguing with the doctor. There was a dispute between Orthopedist Dr. Chinmay Pradhan and in view of the dispute, the doctor tendered his resignation in the hospital itself.

In-charge Dr. Sunil Latiyar also reached the spot on the information of the dispute happening in the hospital, he intervened and pacified the matter. During this the debate continued. Angry Dr. Chinmay Pradhan handed over the complaint letter to the hospital in-charge and also resigned. Dr. Pradhan has said that he cannot work in this condition, so will not come to the hospital from 26th December. The same when the matter reached the Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. Sanjay Mishra, he assured that action will be taken against whoever has committed indecency with the doctor, Dr. Chinmay Pradhan has also been asked not to resign from his duty. and will be put in place.
Sandeep Kumar’s report from Jabalpur

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