Forest Department foiled smuggling of teak wood in Guna, seized 70 ingots worth 7 lakhs, smugglers absconding

Guna Smuggling of Teak Wood: In Guna district, the Forest Department team has once again come face to face with smugglers in Kumbhraj of Chanchoda-Binaganj forest range, which has become notorious for teak smuggling. However, all the smugglers managed to escape from the forest department team. During this action of the forest team, 70 teak ingots and 6 motorcycles have been recovered.

Information has come to light that the forest department had received information about the movement of teak smugglers from Kirwada Road in Kumbhraj area. On Friday-Saturday night at around 3.30 pm, the team of the Forest Department was blockaded and deployed on the spot. But somehow the smugglers got the information about the blockade and they planned to change the route and go to Manohar police station from Batavda side. Forest Range Officer Saurabh Dwivedi had got the information about the change of route by the smugglers through the informer. Who along with his team immediately changed the point and registered the influx on Batavda Road and the forest department team came face to face with the smugglers.

Face to face with teak smugglers

Seeing the Forest Department team, all the smugglers ran away leaving their motorcycle and 70 ingots loaded on it. Taking lessons from the previous incidents, this time the Forest Department team fired in the air for security as soon as they came face to face with the smugglers. But instead of surrendering, the smugglers managed to escape. Later, the department counted the ingots and also estimated the value of the seized motorcycle. The value of the seized teak wood and motorcycles has been estimated at around Rs 7 lakh. In this way, a major attempt to smuggle teak from Guna district towards Rajasthan was foiled by the promptness of the forest department.
Sandeep Dixit’s report from Guna

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