Fierce fire broke out in the house before daughter’s marriage, goods worth lakhs destroyed. Bhopal

Fire in Bhopal: A massive arson incident has taken place in a house in Bhopal. The fire was so terrible that all the belongings of the household were burnt to ashes. The house that caught fire belongs to a widow whose daughter is getting married next month. The cause of the fire has not been ascertained but lakhs of rupees have been lost.

This incident of arson took place in Mother India Colony of Shahjahanabad area. The woman living here runs her house by working hard. After the death of her husband, she makes her living by cooking food in the nearby houses. The woman had bought dowry for her daughter’s marriage, which has been destroyed in the fire. After the incident, the woman’s condition has become worse by crying.

The woman told that she had gone to work, then the house caught fire and everything including ration water, bed, TV, fridge, fans were burnt to ashes. On seeing the fierce fire, the Municipal Corporation was also informed but no one reached the spot. After this, the people of the colony helped in extinguishing the fire by breaking the lock of the house. The woman says that after the departure of the husband, the responsibility of the whole house is on me, there are small children who have nothing left to feed. The woman has also told that there has been a loss of more than 3 lakhs. At present, no information has been revealed about the reason for which the fire started.

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