Father went to Ratlam leaving his son with his step mother, when he returned, the child’s body was found

Guna 5 Year Old Child Died : The father went to Rajasthan leaving his son with his step mother, when he returned from there his dead body was found. In this case the stepmother is under suspicion. However, the mother also tried to kill herself by drinking poison, who is undergoing treatment at the district hospital.

this was the case

The police is engaged in solving the mystery of the murder of a 12-year-old child. Due to this incident in Ambaram Chak village of Fatehgarh region, the village is in mourning. The wife of Sukhram Bhil, a resident of Ambaram Chak of Fatehgarh police station area, had left his daughter and son some time back. Sukhram had married another woman for the purpose of taking care of the children. In the beginning of Fatehgarh police’s interrogation and investigation, it has come to light that everything was going well between Sukhram and his second wife for a year. Sukhram had gone to Ratlam district some time back with his daughter to attend a wedding ceremony. Second wife and 10-year-old boy Abhishek Bhil were alone at home. Sukhram told that his second wife strangled Abhishek to death and herself consumed poison. In the morning, when the door was not opened for a long time, the neighbors got suspicious, then removed the tile and saw the inside view. Where Abhishek was lying on one bed and the woman was lying on the other bed. On breaking the door, it was found that Abhishek had died. The neighbors informed the police about the incident. SDOP Yuvraj Singh told that the child has injury marks on his neck, due to which the possibility of his murder is coming to the fore.

Married 2 years back…

Sukhram says that his first wife had left the children. Because of this, he got married two years back. Sukhram has a son and a daughter. He told that before going to the wedding, he had told his wife to take full care of Abhishek and keep guarding the nearby wheat field, but little did I know that my wife would become the enemy of the child’s life.

Sandeep Dixit’s report from Guna

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