Father and son raped the girl, kept giving the promise of marriage


Bhopal Crime News: Information has come to the fore that a case of rape has been registered against father and son in Bhopal. The surprising thing is that both of them seduced the same girl and carried out the incident of rape with her. Both kept giving him the pretext of marriage. The girl has lodged a complaint with the police about the brutality that happened to her.

A 24-year-old girl who approached the Bhopal police told that she was in love with a boy, who was continuously exploiting her in the name of marriage. Despite repeated requests, he refused to marry. After this, when the girl complained about this to the boy’s father, he also made a physical relationship with her, promising to get her married. Later both father and son refused for the marriage. Both the accused are currently absconding and raids are being conducted at various places in search of them.

Young men and women work at the same shop

While registering a complaint with the police, the victim said that she works at a cosmetic shop in Chowk Bazar. The young man also used to work with him here. After friendship between the two, they started loving each other. The victim also informed that whenever she used to go to the godown above the shop, the young man used to follow her and was continuously misbehaving with her by promising marriage. Giving information to the police, the girl told that the young man used to exploit her by calling her to the hotel on the pretext of meeting her. When the girl talked about getting married, he started avoiding and flatly refused to pressurize her.

Young man’s father gave bluff

Troubled by the young man’s behavior, the girl complained about this to her father. The father accepted the son’s mistake and assured the girl that he would get her married to his son. After this the young man’s father carried out the incident of rape with the girl and later said that his son was not ready for marriage.

embroiled in a fake agreement

Troubled by the misdeeds of father and son, when the girl asked to complain about both of them to the police, the father and son took her to the court and got a fake agreement prepared here through a lawyer. After this, he took the girl to his home and after keeping her together for a few days, drove her away. Troubled by the incident, the victim reached the police station and informed about the incident that happened to her. After the complaint, the police had called both the accused to the police station, but they absconded and now they are being searched.

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