Farmers are troubled by the shortage of fertilizers, if urea is not available soon, the crop will be spoiled. Farmers worried due to shortage of fertilizers if urea is not available soon the crop will be spoiled. itarsi news

In case of shortage of fertilizers : In Itarsi, the promises of the government and the administration, which promised to provide sufficient urea and fertilizers to the farmers in the rabi season, are proving to be hollow. Alam is that not only in Itarsi but in the entire district, there is a tremendous crisis of urea. Farmers are not getting as much fertilizer as they need. Farmers are facing this problem more for the last fifteen days.

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Farmers are not getting fertilizers and urea as per their requirement. The farmers who are leaving water after sowing now need urea, but due to the urea crisis, the crop cycle of the farmers is deteriorating. Farmers say that the situation has worsened due to the fact that the government did not store in advance as per the requirement.

Problem is coming due to less rack

It was told by a farmer Naval Singh that this is not the condition of Itarsi alone, but of the entire district. Officials and leaders kept claiming that they would not allow the fertilizer-urea crisis to happen, but now urea is not being received from the committees in cash and from the marketing center even on the books. Officials of the District Marketing Center say that the rake of urea comes from Odisha, the problem is coming due to the shortage of rakes, although it is being claimed that soon enough storage and distribution of urea will be smooth in the district.

Farmers tell that they left the water after sowing in the hope of getting urea, if urea is not available on time, then there will be a problem in preparing the crop There is a possibility of getting urea rack.

complain like this

DAP has reached the rate of 150 tonnes, which is being distributed to the farmers. Vijendra Pal, a farmer of Bairkhedi, told that he has been making rounds for urea continuously for 6 to 7 days. Urea is not available at both the places, it will be distributed after getting it from the rack, its leaflet has been pasted. State Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel has appealed to the farmers that if black marketing of Urea DAP is happening anywhere, then the farmers should complain on the telephone number 0755- 2558823 of the Kamal Suvidha Kendra, action will be taken immediately on their complaint.

Rahul Agarwal’s report from Itarsi

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