Farmer who came to market to sell crop died in road accident, read full news. guna news farmer who came to market to sell crop died in road accident. guna news

Guna Crime News: A farmer who was coming from Lukwasa in Shivpuri district to Guna Nanakhedi Mandi to sell grains died in a road accident. In the accident, other people, including the rider on the tractor, narrowly escaped.

The speeding truck collided with the tractor

Please inform that Lukwasa residents Devendra Singh Raghuvanshi and Mohan Raghuvanshi were coming to Guna with their produce on a tractor-trolley. Then a speeding truck rammed into the tractor on AB Road. The collision was so severe that Devendra Singh Raghuvanshi fell down from the tractor with a jolt, who died on the spot. While the second rider, Mohan Raghuvanshi, showing readiness, put his foot on the brake of the tractor, which saved his life.

However, Mohan also got minor injuries. The tractor was loaded with grains so it could not overturn, but Devendra Singh Raghuvanshi lost his life due to falling down at high speed. Devendra’s dead body has been handed over to the relatives after post-mortem at Guna district hospital.

Sandeep Dixit’s report from Guna

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