Employment Assistant was taking bribe from Deputy Sarpanch, EOW arrested red handed. Gwalior EOW arrested Employment Assistant red handed taking bribe of Rs 7000 from Deputy Sarpanch

EOW Bribery Trap: Even after continuous action against bribe taking officers and employees, the corrupt officers and employees are not desisting from taking bribe, today once again the bribe taking employee has been arrested red handed. The action of the trap has been done by the team of EOW Gwalior.

According to the information received from the EOW, Deputy Sarpanch Devesh Sharma of Kherli Panchayat of Jaura Tehsil of Morena district had complained to the Gwalior office that he had constructed 2 napped pits, for which the employment assistant of Kherli was asked to pay an amount of Rs 40,000. Durgesh was harassing, Durgesh demanded a bribe of Rs.11000 in lieu of payment.

After investigating the complaint, the Gwalior EOW team sent the complainant Deputy Sarpanch Devesh Sharma today to Employment Assistant Durgesh Sharma with the first installment of Rs 7000, Durgesh was getting his legs shaved at the barber shop in Kailaras, he asked to bring the bribe there. . On reaching the barbershop, as soon as the Deputy Sarpanch gave the bribe amount of Rs 7000 to Employment Assistant Durgesh Sharma, the EOW caught him red-handed.

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