Doctor absent from district hospital, patients are facing problems. morena doctor missing from district hospital patients have to face trouble. morena news

Morena Hospital News : In illness, a person remembers only two people, either God or the doctor, the doctor is the only person who can save our life on this earth, the doctor is helpful in getting rid of many diseases, but in such a situation when The situation of Kunwar Jahar Singh Sharma District Hospital is similar to that of not getting a doctor.

Let us inform that the timing of the doctors in the government hospital is from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, but at this time government doctors are rarely seen in the hospital, most of the doctors are found treating patients in their private hospitals, such Something happened today at the time when Congress President Deepak Sharma went to present himself at the district hospital due to some unwellness, but before the time was up, most of the doctors had gone to handle their private clinics.

Nothing in the name of facility in the district hospital

It is worth noting that the patients coming from outside in the district hospital can be seen in trouble everyday, but neither the doctor nor the senior medical officer is concerned about this, the administration has provided machines in the hospital, but to run them No technician has been kept, so if a person is tested, then that person has to go out and get the test done, in which the person running the private lab has the advantage and along with it the doctor’s commission also remains, Morena District Hospital The situation is getting worse and worse, a big multispeciality building is ready but there is nothing in the name of facility. The situation in the district hospital is such that two people are forced to lie on one bed, due to which the risk of infection increases and it also clearly shows the negligence of the district hospital. The government renamed the district hospital after Jahar Singh Kakka.
Nitendra Sharma’s report from Morena

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