Do you know advertisement of kerosene oil used to come, listen to rare song in Mohammad Rafi’s voice

Mohammed Rafi sang for kerosene ad : Can you imagine that kerosene oil used to be advertised once, and songs were sung for it. That too not by any anonymous singer, but by Mohammed Rafi. Today we bring to you the same rare song which was sung by Mo.Rafi for Kerosene advertisement.

It would be very difficult for today’s generation to understand that kerosene oil was once a valuable commodity. Firstly, its availability was not so easy. At one time black marketing of kerosene was also a very important issue. In those days it was used for lighting lamps or for cooking. In such a situation there was a lot of dependence on kerosene. It is obvious that the more important the item, the more its demand will be in the market. In such a situation, the law of the market is applicable in every country. So advertisements were also made for selling kerosene and this song that we have brought for you, it is from 1940s to 1950s. It was the era of radio and at that time the most accurate medium was to reach people through songs.

In this song we can hear that Mohd. Rafi is singing a jingle for Burma Shell company’s kerosene. This is not a jingle, but a song longer than three minutes. In this, the singer is praising Burma Shell Company and telling its qualities. The interesting pieces of this song depict the life of that time and the importance of kerosene in it through characters like Kallu Kaka, Nathu Nai, Chaudhary Champatram, Chaudharani, Misrani, Naun. This shows that there must have been different brands of kerosene at that time. The Burma Shell Company started its operations with the import and marketing of kerosene. The company also marketed kerosene, diesel and petrol in cans to reach the remotest parts of India and this advertisement song was part of the same marketing strategy.

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