Dispute between Muslim and Hindu son over mother’s funeral, matter reached police

Controversy over mother’s funeral: Many of us will remember the 1998 film ‘Zakhm’. Especially its songs are equally popular even today. Ajay Devgan and Pooja Bhatt had memorable roles in this film directed by Mahesh Bhatt. It had the story of a woman who is a Muslim but one of her sons does not know this. Both his sons follow Hinduism and after the death of the mother, this secret is revealed to the second son. An incident similar to this film has come to the fore in Lakhisarai, Bihar.

This strange case came to light in Jankidih village of Chanan police station area. Here a woman has two sons..one Muslim and the other Hindu. After his death, both clashed with each other over the matter of performing his last rites according to their respective religions. Eventually the police had to intervene. Actually this woman was a Muslim and her name was Raika Khatoon. He had married twice. She was first married to a Muslim man and has a son named Mohd Mofil. After this, about 45 years ago Raika married a Hindu man named Rajendra Jha and then changed her religion to become Rekha Devi. He had two children from this marriage, out of which the son’s name is Bablu Jha.

Recently this woman died and after that both the sons got entangled with each other to perform her last rites according to their religion. The elder son wanted to bid farewell to the mother according to Muslim customs and the younger son wanted to light her face. But this dispute kept increasing among themselves and the villagers informed the police about it. After this, ASP Imran Masood and Chanan Police Station President reached with their team and talked to both the sons. They also inquired with the villagers and found out that the woman was practicing Hinduism for the last 40 years and the villagers also used to call her by the name of Panditain. On this the police explained to both the sons and then with their consent handed over the body of the mother to the younger son. In this way, a sensitive issue was resolved peacefully with the prudence of the police, for which the villagers are also praising the police.

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